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March 28, 2012 / raffazizzi

Day of DH

Yesterday (27 March 2012) many scholars, students and professionals that define themselves as Digital Humanists have been blogging as part of the “Day of DH” initative.

Every participant blogged about their day, their activities and anything worth sharing. Many participants also contributed their own definition of the field, something for which there is still much disagreement.

I have also joined and tried to post a few reflections with each update. Here are all the posts that I wrote:

  1. Getting started; a short introduction and agenda for the day.
  2. Teaching Programming in DH; in-class reflections about teaching Python to MA Digital Humanities students.
  3. Jane Austen (a TEI project); after-meeting reflections.
  4. IOSPE, Solr and Kiln; description of project work.
  5. Enhanced Scholarly Publications… and Wrap-Up; short notes from an evening seminar.

Stopping and reflecting on my day activities was a good exercise and look forward to do it again next year. The Day of DH site will archive the posts and publish statistics about the blogs in a few weeks.

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